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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 12, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> this is the fox report. the president on his way back from washington d.c. after spending the weekend at the winter white house in florida. his administration is promising a renewed push to fulfill the campaign promises on immigration after a federal court ruling halted that the travel ban. >> right now we are considering and pursuing all options. those include seeking an
4:01 pm
emergency stay at the supreme court. continuing the appeal with the panel, having an emergency hearing en banc, are going to the trial court at the district level and at trial on the merits. they also include come as you have mentioned, the possibility of new executive actions designed to prevent terrorist in infiltration. >> there's critics that say could have the reverse effect and make the u.s. less safe. here is marilyn senator. >> i have talked to leaders from around the world who tell us that it could be used as a recruitment for terrorist organizations. it will put americans at greater risk of traveling abroad. it adds to self radicalization. >> in the meantime, president trump enforces a raid that led to the arrest of 400 alleged illegal immigrants nationwide. the president tweeted, the crackdown on illegal criminals is the keeping of my campaign promise. gang members, promise. gang members, drug dealers, and
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others are being removed. ice officials say these rates are routine to plan before president trump took office. kristin fisher is outside the florida residents in west palm beach where he left this afternoon to return to the white house. he took a swipe at the media as he left palm beach. >> he did. this location, the media the media staging area right outside of a mar-a-lago attracts a lot of supporters and protesters. as the presidential motorcade rolled out of here president trump and tweeted out", just leaving florida, big a crowd of big a crowd of enthusiastic supporters lining the road. the fake news media refuses to mention. very dishonest. we looked into it. the best we can tell, the big crowds of supporters that were lining the roads were mostly made up of protesters.
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they're holding signs that read "no pipestone and save our water". there were some supporters in the mix but most appear to oppose that the president's policies. tomorrow, president trump will meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. he will host the israeli prime minister on wednesday. that after a a full weekend of golf with japan's prime minister. by the end of this week, president trump will have hosted for world leaders at the white house. this is only is only his fourth full week in office. >> he likes to say busy. that should oh midi should be interesting. bring us up to speed on the national security adviser, michael flynn. >> it today, several top democrats repeated their call for national security adviser, michael, michael flynn should be suspended. they claim that they have proof that he discussed the possibility of lifting sanctions on russia with a country's ambassadors to the u.s. before president trump took office. he then lied about it to vice president mike pence. today, democratic senator ben cardin said that is not the type of person that you want giving you advice.
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perhaps even more troubling for fling, the fact that the white house could've defended him several times today. stephen miller was on several sunday shows and yet, the white house did not give him any talking points on plan, or at least that's what he said. listen to the. >> it is not for me to answer hypotheticals, it would be responsible. general flynn has served this country admirably. he served the country with distinction i look for to having a conversation with you once he has had a chance to had a chance to talk to the appropriate people in the white house. >> there are several signs that the national security adviser could be on his way out. then then again, we did see him boarding air force one's with the president a few hours ago. >> it's only only been a couple of weeks. thank you. meanwhile, protest and mexico's capital over the weekend over president trump's policies. an estimated 20,000 people carried
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out. they carried mexican flags and shouted to man for respect for the country from the us. crowds opposing the planned border wall. smaller marchers planned border wall. smaller marchers were held in other cities across mexico. president trump and the prime minister of japan wrapped up a weekend, the weekend coinciding with the missile launch with north korea. it was a medium range missile launch. >> of this is a medium range missile which flew around 300 miles toward japan. it is the first north korean missile tests this year. there have been been no confirmation of the launch from north korean authorities. most ordinary north koreans seem to be unaware of it. according to the reports news has not yet been mentioned on state media. but there has been international condemnation of the launch. some of of the strongest words coming from south korean defense officials who call that a confrontation against peace and pledged a response.
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north korea has conducted a number of missile test in the past in violation of a un resolution. it carried out to nuclear test and several other lunches last year. although not all of those were successful. un has imposed sanctions on north korea in response. but it has not deterred the north korean government which that it was ready to test and enter continental missile. this could bring it a step closer to becoming a nuclear threat to the regional neighbors, even the us. u.s. analysts are not sure how close north korea might be to developing this technology. the latest missile test fell short of japanese waters. north korea korea seems determined to develop the technology which is a concern. >> first one fired off with trump in the white house. now we go to garrett in washington. what is the white house saying? >> the president tweeted a lot of things this morning. north korea was not one of them. last night a few hours after the missile launch president trump
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and japan's prime minister appeared before the cameras to make an unscheduled joint statement. in the remarks they called the missile launch absolutely intolerable. they said president trump reassured him of the president's commitment to japan. a point is her trump reiterated. >> i just want everyone to understand and to fully know that the united states of america stands behind japan, it's a great ally, 100%. >> the timing of the latest launch is notable. about 24 hours earlier at the white house the two leaders warned north korea against this very thing. >> on north korea we have worked strongly believe the demand to abandon nuclear and productive missile of the program and not have any more provocation. >> this morning, senior white house policy made the rounds of the sunday shows a would not talk about how the administration will respond
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going forward. he emphasized that it is sent a strong message last night by making that joint statement. >> the messages that we are going to reinforce and strengthen our vital alliances in the pacific region as part of our strategy to determine prevent the increasing hostility we have seen in recent years are from the north korean regime. >> they said the white house plans to send another message soon when they begin a massive rebuilding of our military. >> that's white house estate. i'm sure other white lawmakers are chiming in. >> not as much as you would expect her we have seen in the past after previous north korea missile launches. so far we have heard very little from congress, one of the few to react to senator marco rubio who push back who claim this missile launch was about challenging the new administration. tweeting, the latest test is about north korea responding to internal issues.
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chuck schumer said that was clearly a challenge to the new president. he said, if north korea is going to change its behavior, china needs to play a much larger role. >> like on so many other areas, china has been an adequate and they could squeeze north korea economically, 90% of of the imports and exports go through china. i think we have to tell the chinese that they have to put the wood to north korea in a much more serious way than they have done so far. >> congress gets back into town tomorrow. we expect to see more from them at that point. >> thank you. right now, the ongoing violence in chicago. taken the life of a young girl and another, shot and a separate incident. how one family members urging their neighbors to help bring their killers to justice. plus tense moments and a republican town hall. once again hijacking the a event
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he is awaiting a death penalty trial in state court. >> angry constituents taking over town hall meetings across the country in wisconsin. a full room grilled for nearly two hours. there representing milwaukee fielded questions on potential changes to obama care. >> one of the things i have been serious in doing and i'm not going to change my stained on that is that when i give the people a promise before the election, i'm going to keep it. i think that we have a lot more of that in our politics. >> a rough night, or join now with more of what the town hall was like. >> the republican congressman held his 57 town hall of 2017 a few hours ago. according to staff that's an astounding number. today just outside of milwaukee will fix got heated the affordable care act president trumps travel ban on foreign policy with russia all came up. general animosity towards president trump.
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[inaudible] >> restrain yourselves a respect everybody, this is not a meeting which will be dominated by the people who can yell a lot of us. >> at the town hall on the path to financial destruction in which some of the crowd began to blame republicans for ensuring that obama care failed. >> because there was not any republican input in the drafting of the affordable care act, no, we offered to participate. i remember obama gave a state of the union address. [applause] >> okay can we put on president
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trump because he deserves the same respect. >> he reportedly told the news today the last time he has seen crowds like this was in the run up to the iraq war. he's. he's been in congress and 79. that is 20 terms. >> this is not the first of these town halls we have seen with this hostility. >> all across the country we been seen in for a couple of weeks now. on thursday hundreds of buddha and grilled at town hall in utah. just about everything he said was boot up until he walked off the stage a little over an hour later. he cannot catch a break. even a child asking him if he believed in science and clean air and water. as chairman of the house oversight committee people asked if he would investigate the presidents business interest. in business interest. in an interview with the news after he again without any proof, he suggested without proof, many people at the town hall paid protesters, not his
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constituents stating quote, absolutely. absolutely. i know there were. suggesting it was more of a attempt to bully and intimidate than a reflection of his third district constituents. that was in the news. we have seen the same hostility in town halls last week in california, and illinois hundreds gathered to protest a representative meeting last weekend representative -- in florida was also met with hostility at his town halls. >> a tough time to be a politician. thank you. >> lawmakers are vowing to keep a close eye on the leadership as president trump continues to fill his cabinet. so far, the president only half of his cabinet picks have been confirmed. we'll been confirmedy we'll take a closer look at that ahead tbur all day and night. tbur have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr. z28cnz zwtz
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>> looking ahead to one of the big stories this week as you reported earlier. president trump said to have as big meeting with canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. he will he will be at white house tomorrow. i'll be interesting to see how they get along, they're very different. after president trump sign the travel ban canadian prime minister said they would welcome people regardless of their faith. relations with the u.s. are crucial for canada with 75% 98% of of their oil comes to the u.s. in the meantime, president trump hoping to have more of the cabinet picks confirmed tomorrow. the senate the senate expecting to approve the nomination to the secretary of
4:22 pm
veterans affairs. he served under the virginia under president obama but may have to fraud ahead. they will keep a close eye head on the leadership. all this comes under a series of scandals involving long wait times and in adequate care. were live in los angeles and concerns took place at the phoenix facility. what what problems are we seeing there? >> for starters, the phoenix virginia has had seven directors is the 2014 scandal. the past december they gave the phoenix facility the worst possible ranking. federal investigators determined that they still struggled with significant weight time. >> anyone who serves knows that you don't leave anyone be fine and they have left veterans behind and i'm not going to stand for. >> rodriguez was thanked by investigators and says he's facing retaliation where he continues to work. he provided information.
4:23 pm
>> he says that he has been curtailed on the programs he's working with. >> i cannot give you a specific response because i do not know of any specific actions that would specific response that would address that directly. >> despite the problems, nelson tells us the phoenix va's making significant progress in that she has an open door policy for whistleblowers. some veterans question if she is the right person to lead. she ran the st. louis virginia from 2009 till 2013 when there's a number problems. including having to notified 1800 veterans veterans who were exposed to hiv, last year they say that the virginia actually looked at those issues and our
4:24 pm
senators doing anything to help? >> senator mccain help pass the choice act which gives the veterans of the option to get private healthcare. he said because that they favor the choice act, he favors the confirmation. senator kane. senator kane admits there's a lot of problems that need to be fixed. >> are there abuses and whistleblowers that still exist? i certain they cannot assure you that has been eradicated. that is why we have to stay on it. that is why we have to have congressional oversight. that is why it is a national shame that we have not done a better job. >> they said increasing trust in the veterans is one of the top priorities. >> they took a change in senate rules to get the treasury secretary nominee this far in the confirmation process. what kind of fireworks can we expect when he goes for a full senate vote tomorrow? plus, partisan divide on full display in washington, just about every issue so far in the trump administration.
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>> a new week in washington and lawmakers are carried out for a fight over the cabinet picks. so far, only nine cabinet members have been confirmed by the full senate. many votes delayed by increasing opposition by democrats. tomorrow, senators will have their say in the presidents controversial picked to head the treasury. former goldman sachs steve emanation. >> the fight on capitol hill have not been pretty. the members are being confirmed by the trump administration says the holdup is hurting america. democrats say they are just doing their do diligence. >> we cannot stop these nominees, were going to use our time to make sure people understand the background of these individuals and their commitment to the agency that they are appointed to were going to hold them accountable. on monday there voting ongoldmae
4:30 pm
secretary. >> now waiting for the secretary to schedule a vote on their >> the bottom line is, the left and has gone nuts. they cannot understand why they lost. they want to attack trump at every stage. >> although republicans seem to be united front on getting president trump's remaining cabinet nominees confirmed, their deep disagreements between the president and some members of congress. president trump tweeting his displeasure on both sides of the aisle. mccain and blumenthal for criticizing his policies to the media. that after senator mccain criticized a raid in yemen who left to one dead and said during a private meeting the supreme court nominee expressed concern over the president's concern over the judiciary. the president has said there
4:31 pm
mischaracterizing the comments and has used his twitter accounts to criticize the both senator blumenthal and mccain. mccain has not formally responded to the tweets. >> thank you. a lot going on here. let's talk to our political panel with us now as paul who is a former president advisor of george w. bush and director of programs for the act and institute. in a fox news contributor. this senate confirmation process has been a lengthy spectacle. it has taken forever. democrats screaming loudly at every turn. what is the point? the point is that we are a democracy and a two-party system. it is right, reasonable and responsible for the opposition, and i hope it stays the loyal opposition to make their points. at that juncture juncture it's up to the
4:32 pm
senators to vote. as we saw virtually every case the confirmations have been narrowly done. the most narrow one of secretary divorce who needed the vice president to get her through. this is the process, it's messy, i think it's important that we have it. >> you don't think this is just a lot of noise trying to fire up the base and keep them motivated and satisfied against their constituents? >> that is undeniably part of it. the larger part of it is expressing their worldview, and however many might disagree. >> paul we'll talk about the travel ban for a second. the administration claims they have plenty of options after the ninth circuit court of appeals, how do they do this, do they rip it up and start over? if they try to advance it it
4:33 pm
gets to the supreme court and is a four, four split the white house still loses right? >> it's true. i do not claim to know what they're doing in the white house but i think the advice they're getting is very good about starting over, breaking up the order into several orders, making it ironclad annoyed that you'll probably never get through the ninth circuit. eventually you will get to the supreme court. i have no doubt the president will win. the opposition if you read the reports certainly democrats expected trump to do things. they were prepared to stop him just as we can and i'll go back to the cabinet appointment. i agree that they have a right to object. what's what's happening is the base of the democrat party is controlling this party and they are saying they want to stop every single thing trump does in any way they can. at some point that is not loyal opposition. and and you don't win a majority that way. >> and doug we can go back to you for your side this, is there any way the democrats can win this battle? >> i don't think they're gonna win. i think what paul suggested is
4:34 pm
exactly right. they're gonna start over, they're going to do discrete initiatives that will pass constitutional muster. it's undeniable the president has a constitutional right to do this. the problem is the last order was done too quickly and wasn't sold to the american people and it was overly broad. that being said the he a real question. the opposition has to be loyal opposition just for the sake of opposition at the outset. it's not healthy and it helps our adversary. >> let's talk about michael flynn for second. national security national security advisor in for a couple weeks now. we have this alleged conversation with russia that everybody is talking about and it's getting a they into much of this thing? >> i don't think the media is making too much in the sense that they're asking these
4:35 pm
questions. the thing is is stephen miller didn't respond any pull some weight today and defer to the vice president and other white house officials and we talked about early next week, i think were looking at a monday or tuesday that we'll do more about it. i would not know how to read more into it other than what we heard. >> i would remind to. i think it's worse. but, they have on tape a conversation with the russian ambassador where he apparently talked about sanctions and made it clear that he wouldn't and shouldn't and apparently didn't, given that, the fact that he did not tell the truth which he is now acknowledge makes a his effectiveness as national security advisor much less. i think the president would be best served and the vice president seeking his resignation and appointing someone who is less tainted and
4:36 pm
has none of the ties to the russians that general flynn has. >> it's an interesting start. president trott meeting with israeli prime minister this week at the white house. they spoke spoke about the possibility of moving the embassy in israel to tel aviv to jerusalem. looks like president trump may want to do this, but a lot of people are worried about what kind of message it will send around the world. this is going to be stirring the pot? >> it could be. the problem is the president said he was absolutely going to do it. then he said he was going to make it a lower priority, then, then he said he was slowing down. i think there is a credibility issue, but undeniably the state department is right. if you do this quickly could lead to a third and it could lead to conflict in the middle east. so the president a prime investor have some thinking to do and work to do to revise the
4:37 pm
peace process and climb to a clear policy on settlements. once and for all they need to come to a decision about where the embassy should be. i think it should be in the city of jerusalem. >> thank thank you for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. this is a fox news. president trump arriving back in washington, d.c. after spending the weekend at the mar-a-lago club in florida playing golf with the japanese prime minister. that is marine one right there. it looks like he's still on air force one's. i guess i'll pick them up from joint base entries. the president back in d.c. tonight. working and doing a little bit of diplomacy as well. >> president trump not only sparking protest in the street, but opposition from within the federal government. how some
4:38 pm
employees are accused of waging an underground resistance. >> they enforced as a hobby to step outside a government employee role in the tension right now between incoming administration and the silver service is really growing. >> the northeast digging out from a major snowstorm. yet another blizzard right around the corner.for clea the latest forecast a straight ahead. start here. or here. even here. and definitely here. at fidelity, we're available 24/7 to make retirement planning simpler. we let you know where you stand, so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand.
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>> two young girls are the latest victims of chicago's surging violence. both girls shot in the head into separate shootings just 30 minutes apart. an 11-year-old girl was sitting in the backseat of a minivan when she was shot. a 12-year-old girl was playing at an elementary school when she was you wounded. they both remained in critical condition. officers are looking for the shooters in both cases. a cousin of one in both cases. a cousin of one of these young girls says, enough. >> i am angry. somebody shot point-blank, maybe they know who they're shooting at. but bullet hits your own mother and you don't know who's get your grandmother to tell who shoot at you. are you gonna wait until you get hit in the head? >> more than 3500 people hundred people were shot in chicago last year. 2017 is starting off on a similar a similar trend. 299 people were shot in january. >> cleanup crews are hard at work after a tornado ripped through louisiana last week. president trump declared a state of emergency freeing up emergency federal aid for devastating communities. this weekend hundreds of volunteers came out to help.
4:43 pm
>> we're taking down contact information and the united way will get in touch with them and see what kind of services they need to connect them to a case management agency in the area. >> the worst damage was in the same ninth ward that we remember so well so flooded in hurricane katrina. it is round two for the northeast as the residents of brace for another blizzard. if the latest in what has been a tough winter. the meteorologist has more for the fox news weather center. >> we are looking at this second system now lifting up. we're getting a break from the last one and here we are before the weekend and we will see another one tracking into sunday night to monday morning. the system has been brewing in the center of the country. you're looking at warm temperatures close to 70 degrees. and 70 degrees in raleigh at this hour. incredibly warm. they're warm. there's still areas of the country where battling chilly temperatures.
4:44 pm
it has been a rain maker but far enough to the north where you looking at rain over the atlantic. you see some pink and those are areas with wintry mix. to the north wrapping back around to the backside. that is now and at times and places were talking about blizzard like conditions. heavy snow and winds getting 50 miles per hour. here's the forecast that takes you through the rest of the afternoon and into monday. you can see the timestamp in the corner. this is taking you into monday. this will become a nor'easter. we'll see heavy snow getting into the coast of maine do stretching back down toward boston and upstate new york. a large area were looking at very heavy snowfall in the next 36 hours or so. this is going to pilot. mostly around the coast of maine. you see some dark blues and those areas up to 18 inches to .
4:45 pm
we could even see 18 inches or foot all the way to the back up to upstate new york. this is going to be a heavy system and as a result we are under winter storm warnings and stretching from large portions of new york state through boston and then getting up toward portland and to the north. a large area will be tracking today through the overnight hours and into monday before it moves on. a little time where folks will need to be bundling up in the next day or so. >> there will be good skiing. >> growing resistance in the federal government where workers are accused of using tactics to voice concerns of the new administration. paul has more. >> oppose the president trump's agenda, some federal workers at the environmental protection
4:46 pm
agency have begun using encrypted apps on their personal cell phone so they don't get caught plotting their resistance to trump. >> the incoming administration in the civil service is real and growing. >> at the state department and institutionally protected dissent channel to air grievances is said to be flooded as never before. since the executive order on immigration, nearly 1000 state thousand state department employees added their signatures. rex tillerson says it's rattled. >> we cannot let our personal convictions overwhelm our ability to work as one team. that may entail making some changes to how things are traditionally done in this department. >> when former acting attorney general order just as the not to enforce the immigration order she was fired. >> if they have a big problem with the policies instituted to make the policy safe then that's up to them to question if they
4:47 pm
want to stay or not. >> the recent parity on saturday night live has apparently hit more than wonder about the right house. >> when i say rocky start i mean in the sense rocket the movie because they came out gonna punch you. >> the anonymous twitter account claims is the unofficial resistance team inside the white house tweeted quote spicer unhappy that he has been set up for failure. potus frees that one of his men pretrade by a woman says it looks weak. government watchdog group say they are swamped by potential whistleblowers. >> we are hearing this daily where were flooded with calls from people who are concerned about whether they're going to be forced to violate the law. >> of federal employees at the department of labor, agriculture more are creating private email accounts to communicate with members of congress, the media and the public about the trump agenda. the white house calls it leaking. they call it transparency.
4:48 pm
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>> the 59th annual grammy awards are just minutes away. before the show kicks off let's get you a preview of tonight show down. between beyoncé and adele. the big question is will beyoncé capture one of the only major awards missing from her trophy case said that his album of the year. michael, host of in the fox life in fox senior vp of marketing is live on the red carpet. that's it is much nicer than mine. >> you should be here. this is your name all over it. the red carpet is just heating up. lady gaga lady gaga has made her way in, katie perry is performing tonight. adele is up for five nominations
4:53 pm
walked earlier. it's music's biggest night of the year. here's a look a look at what you can expect. >> music's biggest names are taking center stage for the 59th annual grammy awards. >> the show is just loaded. adele and bruno mars, katie perry, these great duets with people like carrie underwood and keith urban. >> as attributes and do it right , the unique it grammy moments with unexpected bearings and unique performances. any time and artist steps on the grammy stage they want to give the performance of a lifetime. >> it beyoncé leads nominees with nine. followed by kanye west, drake and rihanna with eight nominations each. all eyes will be on adele and
4:54 pm
the major category. >> it's really going to come down for album of the year to adele and beyoncé who are also up and record and song of the year. >> i think lemonade by beyoncé will win album of the year. in record and song of the year formation will be up. i think in those categories it's going to go to hello by adele. a song that no one could escape from this past year. a great song, instant classic. >> for the first time late-night talkshow host is hosting the show. >> i'm incredibly honored to be a part of it. really going to try her best to make it a great show were told tonight that adele will be opening up a show with a special tribute to george michael and i predicting once again the big prize will elude beyoncé, i think adele will take it, but there's more to go.
4:55 pm
just saying and on a scale of one to ten, how political do you think the show will be? >> plan on a lot of hollywood hysteria tonight. the ep of the show spoke to the variety yesterday and he was saying a he encourages a lot of artists to go "off script" when they receive their award. it's sort of in standard, this award season with meryl streep and i don't expect it to be different tonight. >> i think people get it at this point. maybe maybe they'll take a cue from lady gaga and just perform. that's that's what we want to see. we love that. do it the right way. exactly. we need a break. thank you so much. >> brazil knows how to party. i've always wanted to see this. early celebrations are underway. we will take you there, coming
4:56 pm
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so come in today. these little guys are learning how to survive in the wild. it is a learning curve along the way. there he goes. the party is on in rio as many as a million people partake in colorful street parties to celebrate carnival early. they are dancing around the city. this year's theme is the goddess of the sea. it scheduled to start up in a little over a week, february 24. that's how fox reports this sunday february 12. thanks for watching. "watters world" is coming up
5:00 pm
next. starts right now. jesse: "watters world" is on. >> i read the papers, waters world is on tonight.hen >> i read the papers, i see what's going on, i see the live. >> what happened behind the scenes when o'reilly sat down with donald trump. dak n >> fake news is the worst thing that you can call a journalist. it's like an ethnic disparagement. there now comparing fake news to the and word.orld" we will have a breakdown of that and stories you might not have heard before. waters world is in search of global warming. i go to the front line of an


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